Imanje Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgebacks 

What is Agility?

Showjumping for dogs!  the dog has to jump jumps at regulated heights, go through tunnels and hoops, go over A Frames and Dog Walks ensuring they touch the contacts on either side, and weave through poles.

Sifa has only recently started agility training and LOVES it!  she loves going through the tunnel and takes the A frame in her stride, whilst giving Avril a heart attack at the speed she runs over the dog walk!

As Sifa moves into her veteran years (she started training just before her 7th birthday) we have no idea how far we will get before she retires, but it's all about strengthening our bond and having fun and as with everything Sifa does, if she doesn't enjoy doing it, she won't!

Mika has also joined her in agility training and although she has a fear of heights that will stop her ever competing on the dog walk, she love jumping and the other equipmment.

Thanks to Zoom Agility for their instruction - and as always it's force free! (check them out on facebook)