Imanje Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgebacks 


"Monk" - Imanje Msitu Mkimbiaji (Forest Runner) aka Schaedler

Sifa's first born son who came into the world bum first at 3.35am weighing 500g (1lb 1oz). He cries when he wriggles off and can't find his mummy and likes to be as close to her head as possible! bit of the compulsive disorder thing going on there!

"Columbo" - Imanje Msitu Msaka (Forest Hunter) aka Columbo

Introducing "Columbo", 2nd born at 6.40am and came into the world head first but forgetting his legs, weighing in at 635g (1lb 4oz). Appears to be not the brightest button but with a bit of head scratching, he always gets it right!

"Sherlock" - Imanje Msitu Mkondo (Forest Stream) aka Lenny

Introducing "Sherlock", our 4th born at 4.05pm in the back of the car b(um first) on way back from the vet! He weighed in at a whopping 660g (1lb 5oz). As his name suggests he like to do things on the move and just never stops!

"Poirot" - Imanje Msitu Mwamba (Forest Rock) aka Enzo

our last born boy "Poirot". Born at 8.30pm weighing just short of 575g (1lb 3oz). Poirot was the only puppy to be born in the whelping box and typical of his name, likes to do things slowly and properly! Poirot was a bit tired after having to wait all that time to get out of mummy's tummy and needed some special help from mummy Sifa and Granny Avril...but we were determined he was staying with us!


"Jessica (Fletcher)" - Imanje Msitu Mashamba (Forest Fields) aka Mika

Our only little girlie! She was born in the car (bum first) at 4.10pm as she just couldn't wait to get out into the world! She weighed in at 535g (1lb 2oz). She is the quietest of the litter - typical girl and just like her mother, get on with the job in hand and prepare for the day when the boys need to be kept in line!