Imanje Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgebacks 

Inca came into our home and very quickly took to Loki who was more than happy to show another puppy the ropes. 


However, on her first morning, Inca woke up and her began to explore her surroundings...with her teeth! Nothing or no-one was safe (poor Loki for being a boy!) and with her confidence and inquisitive nature nothing was going to stop her!


Loki was happy to share her crate, his toys and his water and generally looked out for her and Sifa - making sure everyone was doing ok! Sifa, on the other hand was a bit bemused by this little thing that was running rings around Loki already! However, within a couple of days Inca and Sifa decided that they were going to be serious playmates; so Loki could at last walk around without a little munchkin nipping at him.


Inca is a very sensitive girl who likes to take her time with things, eating, playing, getting to know you.....and has a very intuitive side to her. 


She loves the water and finding they muddiest puddles to roll in and is always up for some hunting with Sifa in the forest.  And when it is time to rest, she is usually in a ball touching someone!

Inca was also our first Ridgeback to be placed at Crufts, first to be awarded her Expert Trick Dog Title and holds her Bronze Good Citizen Dog Scheme Award.


Inca has taught us even more about canine behaviour and ridgebacks and we are eternally grateful for her lessons and to the Jengachenga kennel for introducing us!

What's In a Name?

The name Inca refers to Quechuan people living in the Cuzco valley in Peru. They were called the Incas which roughly means "the ruling people"; in our little girls’ case this can be translated to “the ruling puppy”!

Her name was chosen for a variety of reasons, One of them being that when it was time for her to leave the Veldtkammer kennels on her new journey, Dawn (one of the Jengachenga Kennel cats) was nursing her kitten and her name was to be Apache. Therefore, the search for names for this gorgeous little puppy went across the pond to the Americas.

However, as if by some bizarre twist of fate….while searching the meaning of the name Inca, we found that her name is also known in Norse mythology (in keeping with the Imanje kennel and our names)!

In Norse mythology, Inca means: Ing's abundance (Ing translates to “Lord” and was the old name for one of the most important Gods, Freyr (who was associated with farming, weather and fertility); Inca is the feminine form of Ing – which I can only assume makes her “Lady Inca”! However, not quite so sure what Lady Sifa thinks of this little one’s grand title!

Inca quickly settled into our home with Loki and (neice) Sifa!

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 Kennel Name
  Veldtkammer Hot News at Jengachenga
  Veldtkammer Moet Chandon
  Veltdkammer Get Ofa My Cloud
 Date of Birth
  24 October 2010
  Mr S and Mrs A Pearce & Mr M and Mrs L Parke
 Hip Score
  3/2 = 5
 Elbow Score