Imanje Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgebacks 

Mika was our only girl born from Sifa (Jengachenga Bold As Brass for Imanje JW, ShCM).  We had always wanted a Sifa girl and when this little puppy was born there was never any doubt that she would be staying with us!

Mika was born in the car and has had no problem since with going in different cars and vans and taking long trips.  

We are delighted that her temperament is one that sees her enjoy many different activities and be loved by all who meet her.

At home, Mika loves nothing better than a rough and tumble with her Mum and Great Aunty Inca and even Uncle Loki when he is showing her how to get into trouble!  Although Uncle Loki is really for cuddling with!

She loves her toys and helping with the ferrets - although she is not so brave around Amie the Harris Hawk (but then no-one goes near her!).  Mika is a very happy girl who loves to meet new people.

Mika joined the Imanje Show Team in March 2014 and like her uncle Loki, shows well when the mood takes her, but has been christened Miss Naughty Knickers!

Mika holds her Expert Trick Dog Title, her Bronze and Silver Good Citizen Dog Scheme awards and enjoys tracking and scenting.  Mika is the first Ridgeback in Scotland to have entered (and won) the Scentwork UK Level 1 Trial.

What's in a name?

Mika was named Jessica when she was in the whelping box - after Jessica Fletcher the TV detective.  She loved to go off investigating all corners of the box on her own, even before her eyes were open!  She is a proper school mam type and was not shy in telling her brothers off when they got too rough and is still able to put them in their place!  

Her pet name is Mika - we had requested a name from the kennel club that we had taken this from, unfortunately we were not granted that name but decided to keep the shortened version in keeping with our other dogs names.

Her KC Registered name is Imanje Msitu Mashamba - Imanje Forest Fields.  Sifa loves running around in the fields and her favourite place is sniffing around in the forest and we decided this would be a forest themed litter.  

Mika has already shown her love of running in the fields and adores sniffing around in the forest..and like her mother, can scent out a deer or a pheasant without even trying!

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Puppy Name
 Kennel Name
 Imanje Msitu Mashamba 
 Jengachenga Bold As Brass for Imanje JW, ShCM
CH Mwenga Hasani for Jengachenga
 Date of Birth
 28 August 2013
 Mr David Brien & Ms Avril Young (owner)
 Stud Book Number
 Hip Score
 Elbow Score

Pedigree to follow