Imanje Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgebacks 

Sifa came into our home and it was as if she had been here before! She went straight for Loki's bones, toys, bed and dinner and Loki was all too happy to share!


She is the typical aloof Ridgeback and chooses where and when and with whom to share her cuddles! However her favourite place is curled up in a ball on our knee beside our family (or on top of Loki). Sifa is very sensitive to those around her and knows just when to show her caring side - another of our family who can read your every mood!


Sifa is our "puppy dancer" and no matter if she knows you or not, she will nudge your legs so she can walk between them and then "dance" with her hind legs - her way of showing affection!!! This is not something she was taught but, I believe, inherited; from her mum (Kariba) and granny (Elly)!


Sifa is our watchdog and is the only one to bark when she hears someone approach...although everyone is welcome to come in! She is the "boss" of the hounds and does not suffer fools Loki (our jester) found out!

Sifa was our first bitch to have a litter of puppies and she was the most attentive mother we could hope for, showing her puppies the ways of the world in her own special way. 


Another part of our heart entwined in RR love!

What's in a name?

Sifa is, in Norse mythology, the harvest goddess of the Aesir and wife of Thor (God of Thunder). She is the most beautiful of the goddesses. It is thought that she was also the goddess of the home and had some power over destiny. Her blond hair represented the colour of ripe wheat that is shorn at harvest-time. This was her most endearing feature and loved by Thor. She is a swan-maiden and can take that form.

The meaning of her name is Relative.

Sifa and Loki also share a story:-

One of Loki's pranks was to cut off Sifa's beautiful hair while she was sleeping.  When she woke to fine her hair lying on the floor, she instantly knew that Loki was behind this awful trick!

Sifa was married to Thor (God of Thunder) and when he found out about this prank against his wife he was not best pleased and made Loki promise to fix it!

Loki called on the dwarfs for help, who spun fine magic gold which grew as if it were Sifa's own hair.

Puppy Name
Puppy Name
Kennel Name
Jengachenga Bold As Brass for Imanje

Tsjakka Kari of Jengachenga

 CH Flametrees Kyper of Godolphin
Date of Birth
 16th September 2009
Gavin and Kate Lowson
Stud Book Number
Hip Scores
 2 / 2
Elbow Scores

Sifa's Pedigree