Imanje Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgebacks 

What is Tracking?

~ A designated path walked by a person in order for a dog to come behind them, following in       their footsteps.

~ A more general scent which is focused on either human or crushed vegetation.

~ The reward for the dog is usually food or a toy.

~ The dogs nose will be (mostly) close to the ground during the exercise.

Mika began tracking in 2015 and Inca quickly followed.  They both love using their noses and tracking is enjoyed by them both.  

Mika, however, can be easily distracted from the human scent and will go off on the trail of a rabbit or deer instead!

Inca, on the other paw, loves to the less formal lines of pursuit tracking, where she gets to find the person (with her reward) at the end. (pictured is Inca on the trail)